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Spring reading and summary writing

Here you have your readers' audiobooks for you as an extra reading. Remember that you can also use online dictionaries at this blog to check words you don't understand.

5th course Readers
6th course Readers
Remember to write your brief summary via Google Drive!
Works must be finished for Monday,  24th April 2017
(5th course 6-8 lines)
(6th course 9-11 lines, letter type Arial 12)

Hobbies & trendy activities. Project based work, Mendigoiti 6th course

 "A different language is a different vision of life." Federico Fellini 

English speaking countries & Why do we learn English 6th course Project based work Mendigoiti Public School. Teaching/learning for understanding

 "One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way" Frank Smith 

Skills Trainer book as a Summer reinforcement activity -Audios-

Dear Mendigoiti P.S. parents,
As we mentioned at the beginning of the school year parent-teacher meeting, Macmillan publishing company gave us a book called Skills Trainer as a gift inside the Activity Book Pack that each family bought. This book wasn’t included in our school year programme, it was only an extra material. We’ve been tied up with the Quest books, readers and projects, so we haven’t made use of that training material. It is this what makes me think that some exercises from such a colourful book can optionally be used by families as a Summer revision activity. I leave it in your hands, because I sincerely believe holidays are for relaxing and enjoying.
Best regards,
Aitor Laka
Mendigoiti P.S. English teacher
Here you have the audios if necesary